Mission: Self Defense

Our Vision:

Our goal is to provide a safe training environment that embraces continuous evolution and enables adaptation to any scenario with a defensive mindset.

At the same time, through our patient and positive teaching style, we strive to provide new firearms owners with a solid foundation in firearms manipulation and marksmanship so that they can continue their own lifelong education and training.


Why train with us?

Certified Instructors

Each of our instructors is NRA certified and dedicated to continuing their own education and training.

Teaching Style

Our instructors are incredibly patient and promote a positive and safe atmosphere for learning.

Evolving Curriculum

We are constantly updating & modifying our training curriculum.


We offer in-home and in-business defense consultation utilizing dry-fire firearms instruction and scenario-based training.

One-on-One Instruction

Our instructors work directly with each student to tap into their best possible performance.


Our training curriculum focuses on mindset just as much as it focuses on marksmanship and firearms manipulation.

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What our students say

If you want instruction or help qualifying for your CCW permit, call. If you want to sharpen your skills, call. If you’re a total newbie, call. If you want a relaxed but professional atmosphere while learning foundational principles, call. This a group of patient, professional instructors that have helped me gain so much confidence. And they’ve done it without hype! I would recommend them to anyone.

Tiffany B.

I am a CCP holder and shoot at my gun club. Recently I became involved with a group of women who also like to shoot. We decided to perfect our skills and started to take training classes with Mission Self Defense. Dave, Tom and Jeremy are professional NRA instructors who focus on safety at all times and have greatly enhanced my shooting skills. The classes have reinforced my basic fundamental shooting skills knowledge on pistol drawing from the holster, proper body position, grip, loading/unloading and how to take care of handling malfunctions. They are very patient and thorough and there is always time for questions. I highly recommend the instructors at Mission Self Defense for all your training needs.

Terry D.